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All amendments have been accepted by the government and the legislation is expected to come into force from 1 June 2021. [. . .] The key elements of SEPCO Online Bill 2021 are outlined below: – The guiding principle of SEPCO Online is that it allows all citizens to be able to purchase a standardised specification home, built in one factory under consistent quality control conditions, within a maximum time frame of ten months from order confirmation, for a pre-defined price monitored through a transparent contract support system linked directly to each citizen’s bank account following payment of a non-refundable deposit equivalent to 10% of the sale price.

All SEPCO Online homes must meet a series of mandatory criteria relating to quality, safety, durability and CO2 emissions that are progressively more stringent as technology develops over time. In the event of a major disaster declared by local or national government resulting in a shortfall of supply from approved residential construction methods an interim measure will be made available under which the pre-approved list of alternative materials may be used as a temporary expedient until such time as normal provision can be resumed.

A new clause has been proposed under Article 7 – Building Regulations – New Construction Materials – paragraph 1 – Sanctions for non-compliance with regulations that no material or method introduced into building practice after this date shall be considered acceptable unless it

SEPCO Online Bill 2021:

  1. Sanctions for non-compliance with regulations
  2. Within four (4) months of this date no material or method introduced into building practice after this date shall be considered acceptable unless it is included in the pre-approved list of alternative materials promulgated by SEPCO pursuant to Article 1 (4) (e), and no new construction standard, amendment or modification, except as provided for under Clause 3, shall become effective until approved by SEPCO as required by Article 5.
  3. In the event that a shortfall of supply from approved residential construction methods arises as a result of government or national regulation which prohibits the use of approved building materials, the supplier may provide written notification to SEPCO detailing their inability to supply contracted construction quantities. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, suppliers are granted exemption from noncompliance penalty provided that compliance will be achieved within one (1) year following this date at which time all approvals are null and void.
  4. Any national or state regulation establishing new standards for residential construction after January 1, 2021 shall only become effective upon issuance of a formal request for amendment by SEPCO or its subsidiary commissions authorizing use of alternative methods. Within six (6) months following the enactment thereof, any such change shall also require Executive Director review and subsequent reporting to Legislative Affairs Subcommittee before becoming part of said preapproved list.

What is the SEPCO Online Bill 2021:

The SEPCO Online Bill 2021 is an amendment to the original initial bill that creates a pre-approved list of regulations for the construction industry. The purpose of this bill is to provide amendments so that states may not create new regulations after January 1, 2021. The SEPCO Online Bill 2022 will be put into place anytime between 2020 and 2021 in order to stop state legislatures from creating any additional regulations before this pre-approved list can be created. Any future changes or regulation requests must come directly from SEPCO or its subsidiary commissions in order to keep the construction industry fair across all states by keeping regulations uniformed among each other.

Background Information:

What are Construction Regulations?: Construction regulations are the rules made by legislatures within a state (sometimes made by cities or counties, too) to help make building materials, designs, and practices uniform within the state. These regulations are often put in place to ensure that construction workers are safe while on the job and to set standards for products used in building homes or other structures.

Regulation Timeline:

The state of Colorado passed Colorado Construction Regulations (CCR) formally known as Colorado Revised Statutes 12-27-101 thru 12-27-113 CRS 12-27 in 1993. The purpose of the CCR is to establish minimum requirements for safety in design, construction, operation, maintenance, inspection, testing and continued oversight for owners of buildings.

Colorado’s State Legislature Takes Action: In response to rising costs connected to the SEPCO Online Bill 2021, Colorado’s state legislature started looking at ways to lower construction costs for home-builders.

3/6/2019 – Introduced in Colorado 3/5/2019 – 1st Reading House Floor Debate 3/1/2020 – Deadline for State Legislators to Vote on Bill after it has been Refined by Committees 2/2021 – Passed into Law (SEPCO Online Bill 2021 is Signed into Law)

There is a risk that this will not pass since they only have until February of next year. They need to get more time, and if they can’t then we’ll go back to doing project management like we always do: over budget and schedule with no recourse.